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Emperor’s Heart Playtest Tracker

July 31, 2007

I should probably start a link list of AP reports for playtesting. As more folks write up reports, I’ll link them from here:

The Library
The Princess
A Pair of New Lungs
Uh… who needs names anyway?
Love & Death in the Imperial City
The Imaginary Heroes Project- Emperor’s Heart part 1


The Emperor’s Heart, playtesting

July 29, 2007

Want to help playtest my game? Here’s the rules and basic cards you’ll need to print out (or at least scrawl legibly on index cards) to play.

What I’m looking for at this point in playtesting is whether the rules work or not. Obviously, if something is really horribly written and you can’t even parse how to play it (or something crucial left out), please let me know. But otherwise, don’t sweat the writing style, layout, etc. since all of that will probably see change later down the road.

Feel free to either post actual play reports online (and send me links) or email me directly at yeloson at an address that ends with dot net and has earthlink before it.

Also, if you play, please send a list of the names of everyone who has played! I want to credit my playtesters.

Update: Newest version of the rules (12/20/07) updated! Alas, I’m working on a friend’s archaic PC and can only save it as a Word Doc at the moment.

The Emperor’s Heart playtest rules (12.20.07)

Drama Cards, set 1

Drama Cards, set 2

Outlaw Faction Cards

Hero Archetype Cards

Scenario Cards

Villain Cards


The Emperor’s Heart – wuxia in space

July 26, 2007

Warriors and blades danced between the hurtling ice atop the starship as it plummeted through the planet’s frozen rings.

He placed the chess piece with care. “They cannot be fought at this time, but that does not mean we cannot win.”

Shocked, both men stood amazed as their swords were deflected at the last moment before she said, “I made a promise. To both of you. And myself.”

The thing glided across the floor with a muffled whirr and a click emanating somewhere under the endless robes. He shuddered, for though it immortal, it was anything but human.

A thousand metal feet stopped in unison, a thousand metal hands drew a thousand swords. “If there is no hell for machines, I will make one tonight!” she laughed.