What should we play?

August 10, 2007

It came to me today that gaming is much like negotiating what to eat as a group…  In the short term, it’s an easy negotiation because everyone is willing to give a bit.  (“I’m not really feeling Italian today, but maybe I’ll just have a salad this time”)  But let’s say you were agreeing on what to eat as a group for the next 6 months?  You’d be a LOT more picky just because it’s a deeper commitment and odds are, you really don’t want to get sick of it halfway through.

Add in the fact that gamer culture has pretty poor negotiation skills when it comes to exiting games or ending them (“We just got too busy”, “Everyone just drifted off” etc. = passive aggressive escape.).

This is another reason I advocate short run gaming.  If you like it, you can do another short run, and keep doing it, over and over.

Of course, for this to work,  you need to have a defined idea of how long a game will run- 3 weeks?  A month?  The uncapped game just runs on and on and without a convenient exit point, people have less ways of working with or through it.

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