Out of the loop

August 25, 2007

The last 2 months have been me mostly handling life critical things, so I’ve been offline, and busy.  Things finally look like they’re about to settle down, which will give me more time for gaming, etc.  In the meanwhile, I’ve been playing lots of Memoir ’44 and Persona 3 in the bits of time I do get.

D&D 4 was no surprise to me- a couple of serious retailers and folks in the industry pointed out that the current product line for D&D was conspicuously absent, which usually indicates a new edition on the way.

I am happy to hear about stuff like quicker prep, encounter-t0-encounter resources, and a lot of people looking hard at the mechanics.  Though, I wonder if they’re finally going to make grappling rules that don’t cause everyone to open books?  I know it was kind of a two way thing for 3rd edition- you want to simplify things but you still want people to NEED to reference books…

On that note, I’m curious what design choices they’ve made to better push product… which  is pretty much how Gaming Workshop does their thing.

Otherwise, I’ve been tooling up a campaign setting for either Burning Wheel or Reign, thinking about using it as an example of conflict webs evolving into modular situations, helping a friend worldbuild for a novel, and living life.

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