The Emperor’s Heart- more playtesting!

September 8, 2007

Last night I finally got to play with 4 people in a game!

It was great to check out the resource economy as well as some fascinating differences in player demographics.  To context- I’ve played with 2 casual roleplayers, 3 traditional roleplayers, and 2 non-gamers who were writers to date.  So far, the traditional players have had the hardest time with setup and rules, the biggest sticking points being Award Token flow, creating scenes, as well as looking to each other’s Flags.  I’m looking forward to more play to really get a better idea on that kind of thing.

That aside, I’m starting to get ideas for how to a) teach the game and b) demo it.

Expect an actual play report some point in the near future, and yes, finally a damn update to the rules!

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