Oh, wow

September 9, 2007

As I’ve been reading the playtest reports and thinking about my own games of The Emperor’s Heart, something occurred to me about Award Tokens as pacing.

They measure how many times someone contributed something awesome that someone else at the table bought into.

So if your group is really good at tossing out things everyone else loves?  Those Award Tokens are going to disappear quickly, and the game will end sooner as you’ve been making completely awesome play for each other.  It will always be short and sweet, and I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, given how easy it is to simply set up another game right after it.

If your group is bad at hitting each other’s buttons?  Then the game will slow down until someone (or hopefully everyone) figures out how to give each other awesome story.  Then it’ll speed to conclusion.  I’m not sure I could imagine how to help this group out more, between using Drama Cards as Flags, “What if?” as direct input, and Award Tokens to let each other know what they like.

Assuming everyone is awarding honestly, I can at least say some portion of fun has to be had in any given session of play.

This has lots of implications I’m going to be thinking about during playtesting.

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