The Emperor’s Heart, rules update

September 11, 2007

So, I fiddled some numbers, and we’ll see how this affects the game. The changes can be broken down like this:

Award Tokens

How many go in the container? 3 per player for a Standard game. 4 per player for an Extended game. And 5 per player for an Epic game. Basically, you can opt for a longer game, by using more tokens from the start.

Be sure to tell me in your playtest reports how many you’re using and how long of a game that actually turns out to being. I’m fearful that this will completely jack up the endgame resource economy, but maybe not… we’ll see.

Drama Cards & Award Tokens…

Award tokens give you 1 extra die. Period. Doesn’t matter if your Drama Cards apply or not.

(To be honest, this is how things worked originally, though I felt obligated to give some kind of SA/Keys kind of bump for Drama Cards. It wacked the economy and might not be necessary. Let me know)

Villains, Supporting Cast, Immortals

Villains and Supporting Cast get 3 Base dice in conflicts. Immortals get 4 Base Dice. If you have a group of mixed allies on a side, use the highest Base Dice (making friends with the enemies, or at least tricking them into fighting each other, pays off).

The completists amongst you might want to see the updated rules- again, that’s all I really changed for the moment. Clarified rules, with examples is in the works for later.

The Emperor’s Heart playtest rules (9.10.07)

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