The Emperor’s Heart- Long term play

September 16, 2007

Though the game is maximized for short term play, I know some folks will want to play a campaign to free the Empire from all 7 Immortals.

So here’s the idea for the rules. First Immortal gets four base dice in conflicts. After you kill or remove him, the next one gets five, then the next six, etc. The last Immortal gets a whopping ten base dice in every conflict.

How can you win? Keep snagging Resources. Each Resource counts as an additional Trait for your Faction. Don’t forget to Go All Out- a lot of heroes will die, but that’s how wuxia works.

I plan on having a total of six Scenario cards, with 3 Resources on each- meaning the hardcore group will have played at least 17-18 sessions and earned as many Resource Traits. Because the games tend to be short, this probably could be done in half as much time easily, or even less if you play ridiculous marathon sessions with games back to back.

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