Bliss Star

September 23, 2007

An alternate setting for Bliss Stage, inspired by Battlestar Galactica, Sol Bianca, Gunbuster, etc.

At first, everyone thought it was some kind of stellar communications blackout.  There’s always something interfering with long range communications, just never on this scale.  Yet, all of the colonies were pretty self sufficient, it was simply a matter of time to ride out the problem.

As more planets lost contact, as well as any ships that went that way, concern grew.  The warhawks never got quite the amount of funding they had hoped for, but they certainly got lots of extra toys to play with.  Sadly, not one of those ships was worth a damn against the Bliss.

No one really believed it at first.  Someone just assumed some young punk on edgespace hijacked a message beacon and was playing a prank.   But soon enough, more and more messages got in, especially from the worlds with better infrastructure.  Indeed- all of the adults were falling into a coma, and no one knew what to do.

I guess we were just lucky someone decided to prepare for the worst.  The Ark ships were built, and tiniest fraction of humanity was piled onto them, as well as anything spaceworthy for deep space travels.  Ships split up as soon as possible, with the hope of escaping and someone surviving.

We don’t know if any other Arks remain.  Or if they escaped the Bliss.

Again, I guess we were lucky.  Before the Bliss hit us, some adult cobbled together the first Neuron Overlay System- a way to rip skills straight from one brain and imprint them upon another.   An emergency crew of teenagers was slammed with decades of engineering and starfaring knowledge.   After the Bliss, our ship has been crewed by us, and the memories pulled from the Sleepers.

And, two generations ago, someone got the wise idea of trying to hook up the Neuron Overlay System to one of the aliens drones…

The secret to their maneuverability, their space warps, their energy weapons?  Dreamspace.   We finally have a chance to fight back.

Look behind me.  This is the Hall of the Sleepers.  Each one of these people is someone who started this journey with us.  Your mothers, your fathers, your brothers, your sisters, your people.   The Neuron Overlay System might tell you HOW to do things, but it will never tell you WHY.

This is why.

Never forget why we’re here, and who we’re here for.

Now prepare to launch.  You know the mission, this is it, the aliens’ homeworld.

Tomorrow, we awake to a new dawn.

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