Still trying…

October 14, 2007

…to wrap my head around statements made by various folks about “not being able to identify” with Steal Away Jordan as the reason to avoid the game in a hobby filled with games about playing deities, 1000 year old vampires, AI intelligences, aliens from other dimensions or even just child soldiers.

I don’t know. This thought came to me today as I picked up Grey Ranks and was reading it, thinking about the fact that I haven’t heard anyone complain that they weren’t interested in the game because it was “too Polish”.

This bullshit pretty much mirrors what a lot of my friends tell me goes on in other fandoms, fanfic, etc.

You know. That its easier to identify with non-existant things beyond the scope of human experience or even before solid written history rather than people we have pretty solid historical reference for.

Of course, generally, when it comes that, I’ve usually found it to be a problem of who or what gets defined as “human” these days.

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