The Strategy of Travel Gaming

December 15, 2007

In just two days, I fly back to Seattle.

I know I’ll be gaming, but what? There’s a trick to travel gaming- you have to figure out what you can bring, what you’ll have time to play, as well as who you’re going to be playing with and what they’re into. Not to mention how much crap you’ll be carrying or how much prep a game might take.

So what I have I got on my list?

– The Emperor’s Heart (of course)

– Hero’s Banner

– Agon (My buddy Les loved it last time, I’m willing to make a second go)

– Draconic

– Otherkind

– Galactic (I don’t expect to play this, but I want to get a couple of folks interested, and hopefully get them into doing a Skype game or something)

In reality, I expect to play between 1-3 games overall on this trip, but bringing an assortment doesn’t hurt. Plus the fact that all together, it’s still lighter than a 3 ring binder full of notes.

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