The Emperor’s Heart update

December 22, 2007

I’ve finally updated the playtest documents for The Emperor’s Heart.

I still have a fat stack of feedback notes sitting at home I need to incorporate, but honestly, I’m just happy to clean it up from it’s initial mindspew stage. I think the rules part is actually readable at this point. I will forewarn you though, I did this all on my friend’s outdated PC, so I had to save the rules themselves as a Word document instead of my usual PDF methods.

The big changes instituted thus far include an “icebreaker” technique to help tie together the Heroes with each others’ Drama cards, more fiddling the numbers to make better opposition on the part of Villains and Supporting characters, advice on conflicts with more than 2 sides, more setting bits, and hopefully just clear writing all around.

I’d love for folks to play it and give feedback.

The Emperor’s Heart playtest rules (12.20.07)

Drama Cards, set 1

Drama Cards, set 2

Outlaw Faction Cards

Hero Archetype Cards

Scenario Cards

Villain Cards

Things still on the to-do list: Examples, a name list, and updated cards. Hopefully this upcoming year I won’t be scrambling as much and have a little more time to set that all up.

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