Excited for Quest Cards

December 25, 2007

Finally getting a chance to catch up on the D&D 4E hype.  Biggest thing I’m excited for?  Quest Cards.

So what’s the deal behind them?  Basically the idea is that when you have a “mission” based thing to do- “Find the magic ring”, “Kill the Lich Lord”, “Rescue the town”, you scrawl it down on an index card and get xp when it gets resolved.

Though this doesn’t sound much different than stuff introduced in 2E, the fact is that it is an incredibly useful communication tool between the players and the GM- everyone at the table can know what play is focused on.  And it works both ways- not only can the GM suggest them, so can the players, so it’s like a contract and a reminder in play.   “Dude, I’m still trying to find out about my half-elven heritage and you ain’t given me jack…”

This was also what really impressed me with Capes- simply by writing down the conflicts at hand, it’s so much easier to focus play.  And like most Flag mechanics, it’s a useful way to communicate without having to switch focus from the characters and the fiction.

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