“Not enough I say!”

January 14, 2008

This thread right here is a pretty good example of half of the worst in gamerdom.

Personally, I’m all for WOTC cleaning up D&D’s ugly bits. The 3rd edition Unearthed Arcana? Had a whole chapter on bloodlines in which I must applaud(?) the writer for finding so many ways to allude to rape without actually saying it.

But why the hell is it in D&D in the first place? Though I could play an ultragrim setting, for the most part, I play D&D when I want the worst possible threat to be a lich, or a dragon, not to be reminded of real life evil that, much like the thread, far too many people are willing to turn the other way and even defend (“I’m not defending rape, I’m just saying you’re over sensitive!” man what?) .

Just ugly.

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