Update on what I’m doing

April 8, 2008

Emperor’s Heart

I’m writing up a demo situation and characters.  Not only for the sake of simply demoing and focusing on the play mechanics, but also if I look close at an idealized set up scenario, I can look better at giving folks better advice on how to use Drama Cards and build good situations.

I’ve also recently discovered the pouch style index card holders, and trying to see if any would work really well for the game if I wanted to make a game kit on a larger scale.

Robot game idea

Between reading a lot of Jared Sorensen games and watching giant robot anime, I totally want to do a mission based game in the lines of Evangelion or Raxephon, minus the endless trauma and existentialism (For that, I direct you toward’s Ben Lehman’s Bliss Stage).  I’m thinking more of a game based in the questions of sacrifice and group dynamics, closer to what happens in Lacuna or Thirty.


The nice thing about non-gamers is that a lot of stuff is painless.  On the other hand, it’s about coordinating our schedules to play, which, being non-gamers, they’re not aware of how much intention generally has to go into gaming.  Hopefully by the end of the month, I will have my weekends back, in which case, things will be easier.

The two players have come up with really awesome character concepts, and now it’s about putting rubber to road for play.  I foresee myself making cheatsheets for combat and magic in the near future.

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