A community built around…

April 11, 2008

Listening to Theory from the Closet’s Toxicity of Status podcast, it’s interesting to me because I think the discussions going around in the indie communities (and yes, I’m using plural in this), are about definitions of what a community gathers around.

Are we gathering around play? Design? Theory? Fanboyism?

I’d like to say it would be easy and clear cut, but given the roleplaying hobby’s history and even current culture, these things are muddied. Often just to have good play you end up diving into theory or design just to make things work, whether we’re talking about rules as written or the group you’re dealing with. So it’s not a matter of isolation, it’s a matter of prioritizing.

But the real question to ask at this point is this: As much as you have to ask what you want from your gaming, you also have to ask what you want from the community, and culture around it that you choose to participate in. As people come up with different answers, you’re going to get different communities growing from that. If you’re not getting the community you want, as much as if you’re not getting the kind of play you want, you need to ask yourself why and what needs to be different.

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