30 years in the making

April 30, 2008

I’ve been generally geeked about D&D 4E, but this statement right here?

Since D&D lacks a competitive or deck building element, it’s silly to hide bad choices in the rules.


I’ve spoken about the pointlessness of bunk choices before, and I’m just glad to hear other folks also get it.

Even moreso because the idea of poor choices hidden in rules has been around since the beginning (mostly in the form of sub-optimal weapons and spells, but 3E kicked it into chargen in a big way) and that infected other traditional rpgs.



  1. Yeah, I loved that one too. I Mearls said something similar a while back, but it’s still nice to hear it reaffirmed.

    The ability to stat out monsters in five minutes makes me even happier, though. That may be enough to get me to run 4e.

  2. Oh my yes, that’s quite good.

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