Speaking From

May 1, 2008

The TWEWY post at Token Minorities has me thinking about games and the potential (and surprising lack of) voices speaking from inside an experience. In the case of TWEWY, it’s about a style and understanding of Shibuya from folks who’ve been there.

Being able to relate from an insider’s point of view is part of the reason I often compare the hiphop experience to roleplaying- you and your friends gather to express the song/story in a way you, personally as a group, can relate to.

So far, only two games come to my mind as games designed to work with the insider aesthetic- Dogs in the Vineyard and Bliss Stage- DitV for/from the Mormon experience, Bliss Stage by utilizing the real city you’re living in and old crushes out of high school. (Wyrd is Bond was one I was hoping on that settled for bland-izing itself much as WW has done with goth). I probably should pick up a bunch of the Christian based rpgs and see how much they tie into the born-again, here-comes-the-Rapture outlook, though, I’m becoming less and less inclined to put my money and time towards research instead of fun these days.

Related to the insider’s voice: POC in SF Carnival #9 with tons of good links.


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