And Mr. Sulu lives happily ever after

May 20, 2008

Though I think the marriage equality issue has been one of several general distraction topics (right there with immigration, gun control, the death penalty and abortion) consistently used to avoid the larger issues (like uh, equal rights for everyone, which, guess what? would kick all those issues quick), I’m still happy to hear with California’s recent decision means George Takei will finally get to marry his man of 21 years.



  1. Also, just to be clear- I don’t think marriage = forever happy, just playing on the irony of Kirk as the space imperialist cock vs. Sulu behind the scenes and, that if y’all been together 21 years, you might as well be married.

    So much for “homosexual agenda” destroying long lasting relationships…

  2. Yeah, I think the institution of marriage buys into some problematic things, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pleased for people who can now do it and pleased about it in a general sense. The thing is, I grew up around a lot of homeless/chucked out and particularly marginalized queer youth, and I find myself prioritizing safety against hate crimes and a whole lot of things other than marriage, which I see as a top concern mainly for people who are already very privileged. I don’t think it should be the main focus of queer activism.

  3. Yeah, pretty much where I stand. Getting killed, losing your job, unequal medical care, a bit more crucial. At the same time, I kinda see the value of the symbolic victory as an inroad towards breaking the heteronorm.

    It’s just frustrating the amount of time that it gets prioritized, and mostly in order to distract from deeper issues.

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