Comics Review 5.21.08

May 22, 2008

GeNeXt #1

Since I last read him, Chris Claremont apparently learned to scale back the pages of dialogue he’d try to cram into each panel from his days with Jim Lee. GeNeXt takes an interesting premise- what happens if the X-Diaspora actually aged in real-time, and it’s 50 years later?

We get a new team who… seem like interesting individual characters, and not so much an interesting team.

The first issue is kinda of interesting, as Becka, Storm’s daughter is dealing with her powers, which, sadly manages to hit both the “Women can’t control their powers” and “Black people are almost out of control” twitches. We at least get some idea of her internal thoughts, and there’s motivation to what’s going on, and she gets some character development, but I have the feeling her “internal doubts” won’t ever be fully resolved and she’ll get sidelined for the male characters. Also expect her skin to lighten to the point of passing 10 issues down the line.

Verdict: Jury’s out, but not a lot of faith given Marvel & mainstream comics history.

Yozakura Quartet #2

The first volume seemed ho-hum, aside from cute character designs and a couple of kickass fight scenes. Volume two, though, has me hooked. Let’s just talk about the focus of the book- a group of kickass demon girls (vampire, hopping ghost, etc.) fight to protect their town of demons and otherwise kick it. It’s like if someone mixed Hellsing and Stand By Me and made all of it equally entertaining.

The manga does fall into the -harem- manga genre, though most of the women don’t give a damn about the male lead, though there is stuff like slightly fetish wear (nun’s outfit, nurse outfit, etc.) but at least doesn’t go crazy with the fan service.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars! Pretty awesome and looking forward to the next one.

The Invincible Iron Man #1

The first 4 pages are everything I hated about the movie. Let’s see- montage of Tanzania, with narration to let you know how poor and backward they are, followed by superpowered suicide bombing without motivation, followed by Tony’s new sextoy, a woman speaking broken english (at least(?) she’s not visually cued as asian or latina).

Bullshit aside, it introduces an interesting premise- what does Tony Stark do when you have a villain who is better at the tech game than he is, and has no morals? Older Iron Man stories mostly dealt with the idea of someone stealing his technology and misusing, but what happens when someone surpasses it?

Verdict: Intriguing idea, but since it starts on bullshit, I’m not expecting much good.

Wonder Woman #20

Gail Simone’s run on WW is pretty awesome. I got in on issue #18 on the recommendation of my good friend Ladyjax, and it’s been good stuff. This issue looks like we’re going to see Wonder Woman rewrite the Grendel story… hee. Enough said.

Verdict: Moar!

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