Cults of Bahamut

May 26, 2008

Lord Bahamut, The Wings of Light, The Wheel of Law

Most of us know the common phrases, “May the Wings of Light protect you” or “May the Wheel of Law protect you”, but few realize the origins of such common blessings. Both reference the Divine Dragon that fought during the Gods War and whose name is holy and not spoken.

Around the world it is easy to find tales of his battles and triumphs against evil, countless peoples and places saved and touched with the divine protection of the Guardian Dragon. It is these places, scattered and ancient, where his orders and worshippers can be found.

Oh? Did you not know he is still worshipped? Few do. Most people seek simple things in life- food, shelter, love, children, and there are deities that protect and provide for communities in these ways. But all of these things, simple and humble as they may be, can be wiped out in an instant by uncontrolled power and malice. It is for this reason that The Wheel of Law refuses to sleep, refuses to rest, and knows that evil must be hunted down lest it grow again. It is also this reason that few choose to take up this unending path of service.

You will know his followers by their signs. The Wheel of Law, the Wheel with Wings, or, the very old ways, a curved line with wings and a circle, the closest representation of him that is allowed. Within ancient ruins or temples, you may find a carving of a single dragon scale, and holy ash offered below it.

We begin by apprenticeship- it is not teaching in the classic sense, but a maturing, for it is not enough to simply desire his protection and power- you will become a vessel for it, an extension protecting others in turn. It is your courage, your will, and your strength of mind, body and heart that will continue to guard the world. At the end of it, you will pray or meditate alone, until he grants his Blessing and Vision to you, and gives you a glimpse of your Path.

This is not an easy road. Not only is the rest of your days spent seeking out evil wherever it may lie, but just as stories around the world exist of his protection, his enemies have not forgotten either. To the north the Beholders remember the only army they have every raised in all of time being blasted to nothingness by his Holy Light, in the East, it is rumored a Lich King still seeks revenge for his missing limbs and across the world there is no place without evil that does not begrudge the Wheel of Law. Taking up with the order means accepting fierce and ancient foes.

You have chosen a dangerous path, a journey fraught with many perils. At least, then, seek out his followers and know that as long as you walk in light, the light will not turn you away.

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