Cults of Tiamat

May 26, 2008

Tiamat, Queen of Power, The Ancient Way

Amongst ancient nations, the rulers did not bandy about with new gods or ways, they did not quibble over the laws of short lived mortals or fashions of thought- they sought the source, the truth, the way of the First Queen. Today, a few places still know of her and practice her ways, and in time, they will rise as all things which find truth must.

She is forgotten amongst the world, though this is part of her power. While many argue and theorize about virtue and power, she holds the primordial laws of power, the primordial laws of virtue. The deserving and clear seeing excel, and those blinded by illusion must move with unseen currents beyond their ken. The few who know her are empowered- they swim freely while others drown in fate.

Tiamat’s truth is greater than any sage, wizard or wise man can grasp, for that reason, she has given us five paths, five voices, five ways, allowing each to excel and embrace truth according to their destiny.

The Head of Rulership

A peasant does not become king by fate. Great things are not accidental. It is the bold and the willing and the strong who rise and prosper. It is those who are not willing to accept their role, and not be deceived into accepting less, nor placing themselves below lesser beings that find the truth of Rulership. Those who have found their lot in life have no place here, Tiamat’s crimson head speaks to those who will forge their own destiny.

The Head of Fury

Justice does not create itself. Those who have been wronged have the right to take vengeance, to exact retribution. The world is full of wrongs and those who do wrong, and only those who are willing to make their own justice can find it. This path is simple and open to all, for who has not been wronged in this life? The ebon head of Tiamat grants the mercy of vengeance to the suffering.

The Head of Laughter

Life is short and joy is fleeting. Yet the truth is that life is joy and to be enjoyed to the fullest. Many would enslave you to fear joy, to work tirelessly and die, unfulfilled as they are. Few can find the freedom and peace that true joy brings. The path to joy is in the moment- a dance, a song, a drink, a caress, a taste, a vision- and one which requires opening oneself to new paths to joy. Tiamat’s emerald head knows that there is no limit or law to joy- each person can find their own path and nothing is wrong in it’s pursuit.

The Head of Law

The wise should rule over the unwise and guide them. As an enlightened ruler, you must show others the true and right way to live. They may be trapped in foolish beliefs or traditions, but with applied discipline, you can improve the world for all. Once society works according to your wise plan, all will be well. Her Ivory Head helps the wise and just conquer ignorance and it’s followers and bring them to the right path.

The Head of Wisdom

The only cause of failure is a failure in understanding. The path to perfection is perfect knowledge, and those who pursue seek the direct path to truth. Imperfect knowledge and beliefs often attempt to bar the way, to limit the paths to understanding, yet how can one find the unlimited truth through limited means? The path of wisdom is one of unlearning restrictions as much as it is learning what is yours by virtue of seeking. The First Queen’s Azure head opens the path to sudden illumination and understanding.

Though Tiamat offers us many paths to the truth, power and understanding, it is not for any one mortal to try to walk more than one at once. In fact, as each head is the truth, it must by nature be jealous of the others, until the understanding of the unity of the Five is achieved. It is by following the path of one, that understanding all occurs.

You will find her followers in the courts of kings and queens, in guilds of mages, amongst peasants and old peoples’, you will find her truth anywhere, where someone is willing to seek beyond the paltry destiny handed to them on a plate. Her truth is not for everyone, only the deserving, and only the deserving are strong and bold enough to not look away, to accept the truth of power, of the solitude of the path, and make the necessary sacrifices and steps along the way.

It is not a path for the weak of heart, but the truth never is.

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