Comics 6/4/08

June 5, 2008

Abe Sapien: The Drowning

This was a pretty meh series for me. I really like BPRD, and I especially like what they’ve been doing with Abe as a character, but this series just didn’t work. It basically puts Abe in a Hellboy style story, and it doesn’t quite pack the punch it needs.

Hellboy stories range from quick funny stories to pulp detective like stories, as he plays the role of an “average Joe” (who happens to be the harbinger of the apocalypse) facing the supernatural. BPRD stories, on the other hand, work as a group of normal folks under the stress of stuff that’s just way too big for them. Putting Abe alone means we lose the fun character interactions and he doesn’t have the snappy one liners to fill the gap.

Venus versus Virus vol.2

This series is actually shaping up quite well. It’s your basic “girls secretly fight the supernatural in our modern day world” with a neat twist in that so far, it’s generally flipped the typical gender roles- the girls kick ass, and the boys play the role of support, neat extras, or people to be rescued. Though the story is pretty mindless in terms of action-ness, it does rate very low on the manga sketchy gender meter, with the girls not having massive chests or panty shots, and the only sketchy bit being the goth-loli costume choices.

I’m hoping the third volume gives me more actual story meat, or I might move on, but for anyone looking for kick ass girls w/o deeply problematic stuff, this wouldn’t be a bad series to check out.

The Invincible Iron Man, issue 2

I wasn’t expecting much from this series, but I didn’t expect to be completely hacked off and through with it by issue 2. Issue one hit the double twitch of race and gender, and issue two just fucking killed it.

Let’s see- introduce 7 new heroes from the Philippines (Hey, Pinoy love!), have them killed by suicide bombers disguised as Buddhist monks. Um. What? Last I checked, the Philippines was primarily Catholic and Muslim… So we both fail the 300 test of POC characters who exist solely to be killed AND basic knowledge of the country (and I know Marvel has filipinos on staff, too)…

Then a few pages later we hit women only as sex objects and Pepper as the dysfunctional pining after crazy Tony character.

Oh, yeah, and the art has gone to crap as well.

That didn’t take long. I think I’ll grab the collected of The Armor Wars, which was one of my favorite Iron Man arcs instead.


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