And breaking old habits…

June 11, 2008

So, for about a week or so, I was sliding back into my favorite D&D experience from back in 1997: The DM creates the setting and “sells” it to the players. For some reason, I was feeling super uncreative and blocked with ideas.

Then I remembered another basic indie rule- collaborate! So I emailed the players and said, “Give me 3 things you want in this campaign- airships, undead dragons, sentient swords, whatever floats your boat.” Boom, ideas come.

That old game? It was neat because the DM had a whole setting in a binder, and there was freedom to run around and engage with any part of the setting because he had all the places and major NPCs laid out. These days, we’d call it a “sandbox game”. I enjoyed the similar feel in the FF12 game for the ability to wander into places you probably weren’t up to taking, etc.

But that’s a lot of work. And if it doesn’t fly? Wasted effort. So I’m going to start with the player’s suggestions, put together about 3 possible adventure zones w/locations, toss in some random encounter options as well (which will be linked to larger scale/longer term stuff I can link in) and go from there.

Flexibility is key!


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