4E: Logistics of Play

June 26, 2008

So, the other thing that occurred to me during Saturday’s game is how far apart I sit from the expected tradition of play.

That is:

a) We’ll be playing bi-weekly, or even monthly
b) With sessions no more than 4 hours, and probably 2 encounters

When you think of it that way, it means I’ll hit 2-4 encounters a month. Which also means leveling up for players will take about 3-5 months. Now mind you, I -CAN- come up with interesting variations for 1st level encounters, but…

My preferred style of D&D like a good mix of pasta and sauce- a portion is tactical stuff, a portion is adventure-y/fantasy non-crunchy stuff. If the players aren’t even going to level and play with more tactical stuff by the time we move on, we might as well play another rpg.

Also, if a dungeon has 8-10 encounters, pretty much all of our campaign will be eaten up by a single dungeon! I’d rather spend that time having airship fights, pirate negotiations, etc. So I’m thinking that any given “arc” of play would probably encompass an average of 3 encounters, and not more than 6, meaning we’re going to be changing situations every session or every other session, which also gives a lot more room for picking up and resolving Quests.

So with that in mind, the two changes I would make from the expected standard of play:

1) Double XP rate
2) The DMG suggests giving limited XP from Quests/level. I’m thinking that I’d want Quests and Skill challenges to make up the XP per level.

It will be interesting to see how this goes…

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