Five Blades of Bahamut: Quest Seeds

June 26, 2008

Major Quest Seeds

Quest Seeds are basically example ideas for cool and nifty quests for players to take. It’s some good examples for my friends who get stuck for ideas and/or haven’t played a lot of games with flag mechanics. Plus it gives me a chance to give a little more detail and ideas for my setting. (You may want to tailor them to your setting as appropriate).

Wayward Skies

Someone close to you, perhaps a sibling, perhaps a lover, has become an air pirate. Why did they give up their place in society? Were they driven out? Your quest is to get them out of this dangerous occupation, one way or another.

No Child of Mine!

Your family has expectations of who you were supposed to be. Maybe you were supposed to marry someone, maybe you were to a wizard like your brother, but you couldn’t cut it. You chose a different path, for whatever reason. Your quest is to either earn their respect despite their expectations, or to prove to yourself and the world that your path is just as legitimate and what they think doesn’t matter.


Someone close to you committed to a soul contract with one of the clerics of Asmodeus. And now they can’t fulfill the contract- but you can. By taking up the contract, both of your souls are at stake, but what else can you do? You love them. Your quest is to fulfill the obligations of the contract and save both of your souls.

Star-crossed Lovers

The one you love is kept from you due to social expectations. Maybe you’re both supposed to marry others, or maybe there’s disapproval by one or both families. Your quest is to create a situation where you can live together without conflict from without. (What’s considered unacceptable in the setting? Mostly class differences, folks from different cultures/ethnicities/species, hetero relations with married folks that you’re not married to, and large age differences. Homosexual relations are a-ok as long as they don’t get in the way of hetero marriages and heirs being produced.)


You’ve been disowned by your family for a crime or misdeed you committed (or at least everyone thinks you did). They think you are dead or exiled. Or maybe they just found out that you’re working for the Queen now, and they’re hoping to find some quiet way of having you removed. Your quest is either to clear your name, redeem yourself, or at least take power over your clan.


They took your family’s lands. Maybe it was during the corrupt reign of the last Queen. Maybe it was through trickery and guile or at least political manuevering with Queen Rajani. Maybe they destroyed your family’s name, or had most of them killed or imprisoned. You see the lands now, and cannot forget their crime. Your quest is that you will make them pay, and get back everything that belongs to you and yours.


No one really knows who you are or where you came from. Maybe you have some clues- a unique eye color from some foreign land, strange tattoos, or a bracelet of exquisite detail. Who are your people? What is your history? And why are you here? Where is your family now? Your quest is to answer all of these questions, and reveal your past.


They don’t trust you. They don’t think much of you. It has little to do with who you actually are, and everything to do with the fact that your people are not their people. Maybe there’s a history, such as if you’re descended from the Warlords of the West who devastated the land 100 years ago, maybe there’s no history at all, and it just happens to be that you’re a halfling. Your quest is to make a place for your people amongst the general populace as equal citizens- respected, not feared, not distrusted.

Giving Back

You were born and raised in some backwater dink of a town, with a ramshackle wooden wall and muddy wells. The airships would fly by and you dreamt of how things would be different if your home had a real temple, a school, or even someday a skydock of it’s own. Your quest is to fix up your hometown with something they desperately need.

Strange Ambitions

You have always heard it said, that there is nothing more wonderous and terrible and life changing than hearing a dragon sing it’s history.

Nothing, at least, other than a duet of two dragons.

You quest is to hear this wonderous thing in your lifetime.

One comment

  1. Wow – great list of ideas. I’m about to start a new campaign (with 4th Ed. D&D) and I need ways to help my players give me some backstory to work with. This is great stuff to work with and riff off of!

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