I love the people I play with

July 3, 2008

My good friend misterbanx emailed this right after reading the deity post:

I can just see how it all started (for the 3 Sisters)…

Raven Queen came into being amidst the chaos and turbulence of The Beginning,
with all manner of cosmic and stellar shapes twirling in and dashing out of existence.

She watched them form, dance, crash, swell and explode over and over again until The Shaping was complete.

It is then and only then, when the Universe was calm, that she became aware of her Sisters.

For it was then and only then, when the raging Primal Fires had subdued and left a most curious Flickering Flame in their wake.

And what a fierce and fragile thing this Flame was, too!

Too fragile to have ever endured the Countless Infernos that came before it, but every bit as bright.

It was this Willful Spark that now dared to light the darkness, to fill it with possibilities, with Life.
And so Malora was named.

But just as soon as Death and Life came to be in the same space did the necessity of The Cycle between the two did as well.
And so the third sister came to be.
And so Avandra was named.

Participatory setting creation is really the only way to go for me. I could write up hundreds of pages on the religions and mythology, but it’s more fun to build those details as a group, together, and in play.

Sure, different groups might produce different worlds with the same material, but that’s just how theater works- you can take the same play and a different troupe will twist it to all their own – it’s kind of the point. Input, Investment, Ownership- creatively.



  1. I’ve said before that the key determinant of the success or failure of any game is the investment the people at the table have in it. Participatory setting creation is surefire way to get it.

  2. I think this is also why we can look at Illusionism reliably producing “My Guy Syndrome”- the only place left for a player to input, and build investment, is a backstory before play, and a deep dive into actor stance as the shield against some railroading.

    It’s the only place they can invest, so the they invest to the fullest. And freeze like deer in headlights when given other options to input.

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