And the cycle continues

July 11, 2008

As I was dealing with the foolishness that came my way from Debunking White Fantasy, over in sci-fi land another racial stupidstorm was in full effect.

1. William Sanders thought it would be ok to say stupid, racist shit in a rejection letter to an author.
2. Said letter gets leaked (later removed, but it’s the internet, once out, it’s there.)
3. Enter poor rationalizations, defenses, and minimalizing of bad behavior, pretty much the giant red flag of “I don’t see anything wrong with what I did and fuck you for pointing it out”.
4. Fandom proceeds to shift the blame, after all, shoot the messenger!
5. Ok, messenger shot. Now shoot the everyone else who brought attention to this!

Tobias even points out how interesting it is that the most hateful spew is aimed at the woman of color rather than, you know, the other white or male folks who also object to this bullshit.

As I said, sci-fi has breakouts- exceptions to the rule. That doesn’t mean the rule isn’t in effect.

The thing is, if we -just- had Sanders in this, it would be easy to write him off as a single, bigoted whackjob. But naturally, leave it to fandom to jump up to his defense to prove to us, no, racism is not an “isolated issue of a few disturbed individuals” but rather a movement and a way of life that permeates the scene. And how dare you expect the science fiction community to pull it’s collective heads from asses and get past the 50’s in terms of race and humanity…

Maybe they’re hoping once we’re “post human” racism won’t be an issue (“How do we solve racism? When you can choose to stop being black!”).

ETA: Now Sanders is charging people to have their stories removed, which indicates to me a fuckload of people no longer want to be associated with him or his magazine.

Interesting how this is about other people “showing off their PC principles” and not him showing off his racist principles. Because honestly, even if he gets to keep all the stories he currently has? Long run he’s just digging a hole.

Who pays attention to these kerfluffles? Hardcore fans. Who buys your magazine when the economy is down? Hardcore fans. Who buys your magazine even when it has less than stellar runs? Hardcore fans. Who does it not make sense to alienate?


One comment

  1. Protect the status quo at all costs. Slur, threaten, shame, and ridicule the Other.

    I called it an “ol’ boys club” mentality elsewhere, and that pretty much sums up my views on the unwillingness to change this idiocy.

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