WoW Minis

July 22, 2008

The World of Warcraft minis look pretty cool.

One reason I haven’t really amassed a lot of D&D mini’s, even though I could use them, is they just don’t look that good. It’s frustrating to pay out money for a random mix of which, I’ve got maybe a total of 4-5 characters who look like PC’s. (Protip: Grey and Brown do not a memorable character make). Mage Knight was far better for including characters who looked like heroes to work with in each mix.

Though the WoW mini’s are on a bigger scale, I’m sure I can find a way to make it work for my games.



  1. Wow, if those look anything like the pictures in real life, I will definitely start collecting them. Very nice!

  2. I’m a mini’s dork. (Consider: I have spent part of the last few weeks trying to make a cobra-headed hydra mini out of snakes and dinosaur toys I bought at a dollar store.) So I’m looking forward to intergrating the WoW minis with the D&D, Dreamscape, Heroscape, Yu-gi-Oh, MacFarlane Dragons, Megablocks Pyrates/Dragon Wars/PotC sets, Mage Knight, Heroclix, Homies and so on. (I will use anything, including things I make out of putty and popcicle sticks, if it looks cool.)

    But my point: I own way more D&D minis than I need, but other than splitting a case with a friend of mine, almost all the minis I’ve picked up were bought online, usually for somewhere between 15 cents and a dollar.

  3. Hi Miles,

    I bought a lot of D&D minis online as well… but… 1) they generally don’t look as good as a lot of other minis, 2) the cool stuff is usually about $20 for a single mini, and 3) anyone who looks vaguely like a PC is usually at $5, easily $10 or more.

    Randomized packs are a great plan for a mini’s game, and a terrible one for D&D.

    WoW’s strength is that most of it’s gameplay revolves around PCs, so I’m expecting a better ratio of PC-able minis vs. monsters. Plus they have better character design overall.

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