Sci-fi random updates

August 1, 2008

1. Trascriptase, a site of sci-fi goodness from folks who decided the bullshit at Helix was not acceptable. N. K. Jemisin’s thoughts on race and the sci-fi community are pure gold and pretty much reflect how I feel about it.

2. While picking up another set of Orphan’s Tales to hook up friends with, I picked up a copy of Spectra Pulse, which has a short story by Valente “The Harpooner at the Bottom of the World”, which is completely awesome and delicious reading. It’s always interesting to see how well an author transitions between short stories and long ones, and Valente is great. I’ll have to snag more of her books.

3. Orson Scott Card goes CRAYZAY about Gay Marriage, which clearly threatens our nation, much more than war, financial crisis, oil crisis, or food crisis, or you know, loss of our civil rights (“The freedoms we sacrificed to protect!”). TheophileEscargot breaks down this kind of crazy in the most clear, lucid manner. Also relevant: Songmaster



  1. OSC’s always been cuh-RAZAY about gay marriage. He published some shit online when it was big in the news a few years ago that led me to never read or buy anything by him again.

    He’s nutty.

  2. […] OSC’s bigotry over on FemSF but his rant against marriage equality really takes the cake. Bankuei over at Deeper In The Gamereminded me of OSC’s book Songmaster, it’s a relevant point in the discussion […]

  3. Thanks for bringing these to my attention. I hadn’t heard about the BS at Helix – but I am in complete agreement with Jemisin’s position on the matter. Although to be fair there are a number of reasons for the “color blindness” or “color blandness” found in SF/F. One of which is that sometimes it’s just secondary to a good story.

    However, writers like LeGuin, and Joe Haldeman – and others – have certainly explored these issues.

    I’ve been able to ignore a lot of Orson Scott Card’s craziness over the years – because he’s written some pretty interesting SF. I always took him to be an educated, rational person – but now I’m not so sure. Virtually any logical analysis of a clear reading of most constitutions in this country would show that since it’s not prohibited – it’s an assumed right, reserved unto the people. Not to mention these are all the same arguments against miscegenation.

  4. One of which is that sometimes it’s just secondary to a good story.

    A good story doesn’t drive away people of color, as writers or as fans, good stories bring people in. Bad behavior pushes people away.

    And, as N.K. points out- silence and defending bad behavior tells us what kind of environment we’re dealing with more than the wingnuts themselves.

  5. I got most of the way through the first two ender books before I decided that since I wasn’t enjoying them, I didn’t actually need to keep reading, no matter how many people liked them. Also, Ender kind of came off as a creepy predator in that second one. So I wasn’t going to buy Orson Scott Card’s books anyway. And I’m also not going to bother to even skim anymore of his insane anti-gay rants– they’re boring, only vaguely coherent, and appear to be written from some alternate universe where laws work differently.

  6. I enjoyed the first book, tried to follow with the Speaker for the Dead ones, got bored (admittedly, I was 12 at the time), kinda popped on the Ender’s Shadow stuff, but found it was a played out rehash of “ZOMG! Little boy picked on!” Emo and basically stopped reading.

    But the crazy? That’s like something special.

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