Variety of Things

August 5, 2008

1. IBARW3: Intersectionality

It’s the third annual International Blog Against Racism Week. This year, intersectionality! Sadly appropriate given all the bullshit that’s been flying around this year alone. The community will probably start posting links tonight or tomorrow, with a big round up at the end of the week.

2. Filter House by Nisi Shawl

Naamen loaned me Nisi Shawl’s Filter House which has pretty much had me riveted this whole weekend. Short stories of sci-fi and ghost stories? Sometimes both? Delicious. This is also the first spec fic book I’ve read where ATR’s get treated with any kind of respect. Shawl has a great way of grounding the everyday and normal with the strange and supernormal.

For gamers, I recommend it highly if you’re planning to play Shock or Steal Away Jordan, or better yet, some kind of mashup of the two…

3. The Middleman

Finally getting to check out a few episodes. It’s silly and fun, and I love the way it pokes fun at itself. Though I’ve only seen a little bit, I feel like they could push it harder- like Invader Zim harder. Some of the delivery feels a bit off, and I think they’d do well by watching some Stephen Chow movies to get the mood right.


  1. > This is also the first spec fic book I’ve read where ATR’s get treated with any kind of respect.

    Sorry, who are ATRs? All I can find on google is “Americans for Tax Reform” and somehow I don’t think that’s who you mean.

  2. I’m horrible with acronyms. Who/what is “ATR?”

  3. African Traditional Religions- here in the US, mostly referring to diaspora religions – Lukumi, Santeria, Voudoun, Ifa, etc.

  4. Ack, thanks for pointing that out. That’s awesome to hear now that I know what it stands for. 🙂

  5. Cool! I’ll add it to my list of resources for Steal Away Jordan.

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