Mike Mearls 4E Interview

August 21, 2008

Theory from the Closet Interviews Mike Mearls.

Mike hits a ton of good points, from design, setting, what happened in 4E design, what goes on in the table, and more. One of the things I love about Mike, is that he’s straight up – like the difficulty on Keep on the Shadowfell being better suited for advanced players, or that GMs really don’t like being told what to do, etc.

It’s a good interview, even if you’re not a D&D head, if you’re interested in design on any level.


  1. Hey Chris,

    That Shadowfell answer really surprised me. I hadn’t considered the possibility that it was player skill that caused the problem.

  2. I kinda suspected it might have had a part.

    For example, when I first played through a section of it, I was wondering why starting with Kobolds, as, they’re kinda tricky tactically and seem like poor “first intro” to the new aspects of 4E’s rules.

    I was surprised and happy that he just came out with it.

    So many rpg folks in this hobby try to act like they can’t ever admit a mistake, like their company will lose millions of dollars if they just say, “Oh, we didn’t playtest that” or, “We forgot to put the chart in, our bad.” etc.

    Mike’s down to earthiness is what makes him awesome.

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