Intended Hiatus

October 20, 2008

Seeing how at this point, I get more trollage than actual users, I’m considering shifting completely over to safe spaces. It’s really irritating to wade through what’s mostly deflections and cries for attention than to actually talk about games or media.


I’m not asking for pleas to stay on. I’d like to hear from folks who know me through safe spaces as to whether it makes sense to keep this up or shift focus over to those spaces. Those of you who -don’t- know me through those spaces? You’re not who I’m interested in talking to with this post. Thanks.


  1. I’ll miss your writing– I’ve liked Deep and Deeper. Would leaving comments off and just writing for yourself (+ whatever audience watches) work as well, or do you really enjoy the positive comments? Or are they flooding your email, so even turning comments off wouldn’t solve the problem?

  2. I follow you on LJ and I really enjoy it. Please don’t stop posting – and if you retreat to a safe space, let me know whether I’m welcome to join you there!

  3. Part of it is intended audience. Does it make sense to split up between here and other spaces, or does it make sense to promote those areas better?

    Right now, I’ve seen no real clear example that people have either ended up here or used it as a gateway after the safe spaces had appeared.

  4. Just please don’t delete all the content. The loss of Deep utterly sucked.

    Why not just turn off comments?

  5. Hi Bankuei,

    I really enjoy your thoughts and posts. If you decide to move to a safe space, please let me know where and I would love to follow. I can be contacted at jenskot [ at ] gmail [ dot ] c o m.


  6. I’d like anyone who hasn’t, to take a minute and read the DitG 101 at the very top right column.

    As I said, it’s about intended audience and purpose.

    If I -simply- wanted attention, I’d go participate more on the social forums.

  7. I just want to know where you go. Someone up comment mentioned your LJ – I’ll get on to subscribing to that (I think I know your LJ name).

    But do whatever you have to do to enjoy interacting with games and SF. Life is too damn short and filled with too much stress to not feel safe and comfortable and like you don’t have to whip out the eye droppers to hand feed idiots.

  8. Exactly.

    It’s always interesting that I’ll write tons and tons of stuff about media and gaming, nary a word, if I mention media analysis with an eye to tools of oppression, suddenly I got people from across the world trying to yell at me.

    Cause, you know, I’m rational and well spoken until I say something they don’t like.

  9. It’s up to you, though I really, really understand the frustration. Just let me know where your thoughts will be moved to. πŸ™‚

  10. I think you know where! πŸ˜›

  11. I am silent because I usually can’t think of something to say. But I definitely understand the desire to move to safe spaces where the trollage is less. I guess in the end it comes down to whether you want to target your communication to people you know and trust, or keep spreading it out in public and deal with the attendant problems. Both are reasonable decisions, and, more important, your decisions to make. So all I can really say is that I wish you good luck either way and I’ll continue to enjoy reading whatever I’ve got access to.

  12. Not a frequent reader yet I enjoy the place nonetheless. But I agree with Avalon’s Willow in ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And if you’re moving into a safe space then at least you haven’t given up to stop speakin, writin and typin your mind–because it’d be a real damn shame if you did.

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