Visualizing Characters

May 5, 2009

I’ve started doing something new- drawing a character before I do anything else- stats, name or even character concept.

You know how some writers talk about the characters “tell them” where the plot needs to go? I sketch characters and it becomes easy to see what kind of character they are- the personality, background, all of it starts to flow from the sketch.

This has come out of me putting together pregen characters for a 4E adventure over the last month or so. Part of it is the problem of POC focal settings- our mainstream media has left us short of such genres (and quick to rob us of the few we get), so it becomes a situation where you’re building up from scratch- pregens serve as archetypes for players to be able to understand what kind of characters work in this setting and also show off bits of the setting in the process.

I think it’s a process I’m going to stick with as a player, as it seems to work a lot better for me to get the creative juices flowing.

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