Ghost Town

May 8, 2009

I’ve been fiddling for about a year now with the idea of an rpg set in the Gold Rush era, where you have Chinese immigrants doing another shit job- exorcising ghosts. Digging up all the issues of the era, of the colonization, slavery, genocide, etc.

Reading rushthatspeaks’ LJ post on The 13th Child just gave me a chilled thought about a modern brother game to that idea:

I really think the lack of history explains a lot about this country. I mean, one of the quintessential American genres of movie is the road-trip movie, where you have forced character bonding through the fact that they are forced to spend time together in a car through all those miles and miles and miles of– empty space. You can’t do this in countries where every single thing has a name. Something historical is bound to intrude on you. Something outside yourselves is liable to break in.

Imagine the roadtrip where the land wasn’t empty, just full of ghosts. And everything else that such a roadtrip entails.

It really makes me shudder. Would it probably work better as a movie or graphic novel? Probably. Still, I’m going to let that sit in the back of my head as an idea.

(ETA: Will have to play some Steal Away Jordon, Grey Ranks, and Carry before I even really take it there. Still.)


  1. For what it’s worth, I really like the idea of it as a graphic novel.

    • Yeah. I have so little time these days, a lot of these ideas get put in a file for “when I’m not working AND going to school simultaneously”. Sigh.

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