It all comes back round again

May 11, 2009

“The other and more hopeful point is that never before have so many Readers of Color existed to *have* the conversation, or been able to communicate with each other to do so.”

The comment which I linked that quote from? It’s what I call blathering. It’s not uncommon when people are having their privileged and poor behavior pointed out to them, after all, they have no social framework of how to deal with it– the cognitive dissonance of having their “lessers” correct them, often leads down sadly predictable paths of defensiveness.

You can see it’s blathering because it jumps from topic to topic without making a point at all along the way, and the statements made, are made without thought about what is being said.

I could pull dozens of links, but I’ll just pick a few that are easily at hand for me:

POC in SF/F carnival- the carnival might be recent, but the people talking aren’t.

POC Carnival 9 – What I heard about you, and what that meant for me.

“For the last time, just because it is not happening in full view of white people does not mean that it is not happening. I am so tired of dealing with this attitude that wanting sci-fi to represent and respect the reality of life as a person of color is somehow asking too much. Especially when the reaction from white authors who are told “Hey you’re doing it wrong” is to say “Well then I won’t do it at all” like we’re supposed to be a-okay with being erased, ignored, or misrepresented just to get a few crumbs from the table.”

“Dragons are not universal. If I am defensive, it is because I have had to learn how to love Tolkein while trying to find myself in the unmapped lands in the East where the Green and Blue wizards disappeared to.”

Avalon Willow’s Open Letter to Elizabeth Bear and the history of us in/not in spec fic media.

Digital Femme and the Wackness Amplifier.

And, my own piece on the line between ignorance and willful ignorance…

Steve Barnes interview w/Locus 2003 (via LadyJax)

Look ma! We really do exist! An SF/F geek of color shoutout thread

All they see is themselves…

The Remyth Project

(I’ll probably come back to this post to add more links, because really)


One comment

  1. Remind me sometime that I wanted to talk with you about Deepad’s awesome article and the “universal humanity” school of RPGing.

    Just, you know, not in public.

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