It’s Magic!

May 12, 2009

Sometimes, ignorance is not an excuse as much as an admission of guilt…

There are more readers than ever before, of every color; the internet has made their cross-conversations visible, persistent, and potentially powerful, reaching into spaces where they were formerly invisible.

(I realize that this is a “what I meant to say” post, but it *is* what I meant to say. Or do mean to say, at least.)

bests, Lois.

It’s 2009. Why are people still invisible in spaces where people specialize in imagining futures, both the better ones and the worse ones to avoid?

Why is it “boggling” that NDNs, as much as any other people, would use the internet? Why is it their concerns would still be invisible even then?

Why is it that, when presented with several conversations from people invisible (to you), the answer is then to not consider what is said, but invalidate and silence by claiming that this “new” fantasy, which is the same as the last 400 years of history books and popular media, both fictional and non-fictionally fictional, cannot be criticized?

Conversations require both speaking and listening.

We’re not dealing with invisibility, we’re dealing with people who choose not to see us, silence us when we speak, and then act as if the problem the whole time has been one of logistical communication – like we lived in Alpha Centauri and we didn’t have the internet and communication technologies to connect us.

Any civilized behavior (“seeing humans as humans and treating them such”), sufficiently advanced, seems like magic, right?

Looks like we have some answers and they’re not pretty:

I’m currently assuming there will be African slaves, possibly even more (since there won’t be any Native Americans to have already done a certain amount of prepping land for human occupation, nor to be exploited later).

That’s right folks, humans weren’t occupying the Americas, just convenient terraforming anthropoids that stumbled around prepping the land for REAL humans.

For fuck’s sake.

(Also: We’re pretty worldwide and numerous for invisible things.)


  1. I’m watching this conversation on Twitter where folks are recasting Star Trek The Next Generation and naming only white people. Sci Fi FAIL.

  2. My friends who are into the fanfic/slash area see this a lot.

    There was a Stargate: Atlantis alternate universe story where everyone was cast as hospital staff- all the white characters became doctors, heads of divisions, etc. the two brown characters became orderlies…

  3. Update: I kicked that discussion in the face and got people thinking outside race and gender for some cool results. Small victories…

  4. Hey, I found this blag through an old 20 by 20′ Room post.
    Anyway – “prepping land for human occupation” – gotta love those pre-human Amerindians. Sheesh.

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