4E: Monks, Finally

May 16, 2009

WOTC’s finally released a playtest/preview of Monks for 4E.

Monks are Psionic? Ok, I can roll with that. Between wuxia and stories of zanshin masters it’s not a far stretch for me. Or the fact when I first watched Fist of the Northstar (all in Japanese), I thought they were using psychic powers activated by touch.

What’s the difference between Psionic and Psychic? Is one supposed to be more physical and the other more mental? Aside from probably being confusing terminology, I suspect there’s probably going to be overlap, we’ll see how they handle it.

From my quick glance over, it looks like most of the powers are status/effect tossing along with movement. Neat! Also- thank you for making Spears a monk weapon. If you’re going to reference Shaolin in any way, you gotta put that in.



  1. It also made sense to me vis a vis South Asian monks, who while they’re clearly not the type being primarily referenced, aren’t completely out of sphere either.

    • Are you thinking Kalaripayattu fighters? I could see that.

      I’m actually glad they’re not making a “Ki” subsystem. It always ended up being the 5th wheel in terms of D&D games – they’d make tons of options for the core power types and it was sort of a “well, here you go for those of you who want that” side dish.

      Of course, then there’s Hercules for the Western Monk archetype. (“Grapple the Epic Celestial Lion? Oh yeah!”)

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