Didn’t we already have David Carradine?

May 22, 2009


Sickened but not surprised at the racism. Of course, “race doesn’t matter” yet we can’t seem to get asian actors in asian roles in “post racial” America, right?

Somehow we’re never talented enough to be heroes, but always villians, victims, sex toys and stereotypes.

Glockgal keeping records



  1. I’d call 2009 The Year Of HonkeyShines – but really, what year isn’t?

  2. Still waiting to see them change their tune…

  3. Hollywood could play such a huge role in changing perceptions. Lost, for example, told America that Asian men could be sexy and not sexless. I’m not saying the show is flawless, but that particular bit is pretty cool.

    • As long as people would prefer to play out the false binary of “Media controls your brainz” vs. “Media has absolutely zero effect (but we still pay for advertising)”, and “We’re so post racial we can put more white people on the screen”, we’ll just keep seeing the same thing.

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