The Return of the…

May 23, 2009

DV was kind enough to share a link to Minister Faust on Coyote Kings:

There is an element that is escapist….Unless fiction returns us to be dealing with the world in which we live, and forces us to ask big questions about our own psychology and that of the people around us, as well as our politics and economics and our society, then that fiction is functioning as a drug -it’s only taking us away. An adult life is about dealing with the world in which we live.

While I’m down for pure escapism sometimes, I think there’s two important truths related to that quote:

First, the fictions which take on an iconic, mythological status for us? Those are dealing with symbols that bring us back to the world, even if we don’t consciously recognize it.

Second, a key feature of adult discussion is having no problem understanding that fiction exists in our real world as a form of media- it exists as part of a larger context.

Media doesn’t get to be both life changing and powerful and just a story and meaningless at the same time.


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