May 30, 2009


Picked up the print version of award-winning Bayou today at the comic store. It’s how I would run Steal Away Jordan with a “Magical World” focus ala Amulet, Pan’s Labyrinth or Coraline.

It’s hits a perfect place for horror: the artwork makes you think of a children’s book, and the story let’s you know it’s anything but. There’s a very dark path in it- Lee is more empowered in the wonderland she finds herself in, but the threat now deals with the immortal soul… Creepy, awesome, horrifying.

Highly recommended!



  1. Grah, I made the mistake of following the link to Bayou. Now my morning is long-gone, and I’m left with a cliff-hanger (every page of that comic is a cliff-hanger.) I really, really hate the Zuda interface, and yet I ended up reading all 217 pages currently up, which should tell you whether I liked the comic.

    I agree that it’s really excellent fantasy-horror. It actually does something that Pan’s Labyrinth didn’t do as well, which is make the fantasy world as terrifying as the real world. Possibly because of how similar the two worlds are.

    • Yeah, I actually waited for the print version because it’s such an agonizing wait. (and Zuda sucks deeply).

  2. Oooh! I’m not even going to look. I can’t read stuff like that on a computer screen. I’m going to my local comic book store tomorrow to order it, though. The suspense is already eating away at my spleen…

    • I’m surprised you haven’t read it yet. Now, if someone could just put out a print edition of Lackadaisy Cats… or a game that would fit it!

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