Weapons Geekery: Boomerangs

June 4, 2009

One of the most under-loved weapons in games is the boomerang. Mostly because all people are used to seeing is Nerf boomerangs or the small ones for hunting birds or rats.

I remember seeing a science show that demonstrated what the six foot boomerangs could do – which was flip a small refrigerator end over end


Boomerangs (termed “throwsticks”) for hunting larger prey, such as kangaroo, were used for small prey as well. These throwsticks fly in a nearly straight path when thrown horizontally and are heavy enough to take down a kangaroo on impact to the legs or knees. For hunting emu, the throwstick is thrown toward the neck, breaking it.

Basically – pick a horizontal line on the body and consider every bone broken!

Why hasn’t the boomerang seen more love in reality?

The hunting boomerang typically works best in flattish grassy areas- bushes and trees deflect it. While it might make an awesome way to end a calvary charge, the problem is that your opponents can pick them up and throw them back at you as well… making it a better hunting/skirmishing weapon than a full on battlefield choice.

If you’re playing a realistic game, it’d be a devastating though, limited choice weapon. Especially where longer range weapons might be available (crossbows, archery, etc.)

If you’re playing a more fantastic game, it might be a perfect choice, especially if it comes with magical powers, such as self destructing (can’t be thrown back), or casting magical webbing on downed foes, etc.


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