Wargame Seed

June 9, 2009

I have a seed of an idea for a wargame/rpg. Mostly built out of dissatisfaction.

There’s lots of rpgs built around the idea of the war epic- Hero Wars/Quest, Artesia, Every Damn Samurai game, etc. but none of them really go into rules for handling war itself- its kind of assumed to be something the GM will “figure out” or just used as situation fodder, without being part of the game proper.

But if you look at the source material of a lot of these, it’s all about how the constant struggle for logistics, etc. create really interesting situations- the sketchy political alliance with pagan hill clans, a city with too few supplies, but your men need to eat and the enemy is coming, a brilliant yet cruel captain of your elite warriors- all kinds of really messed up and ugly “trade offs” in war.

So right now I have this vague idea of a game that focuses on all that- mechanically pushing stuff like the need to rally more troops, to balance your resources, to make alliances and cut deals, etc.

(Yes, I know Burning Empires sorta does this, but mostly that it’s a scaled up version of the Burning Wheel Pan-Conflict technique. It’s neat, but not what I’m thinking about for this.)



  1. I remember basic D&D has having a pretty satisfying mass combat system. I think it’s in the teal book?


  2. Don’t think I can help ya in the least but I’m trying to picture what you’re attempting to get.

    So some of the basic components that’s being looked out for how this’ll work is: economics, resource management for logistics coupled with wargaming that probably has some sort of morale & fatigue feature in it?


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