More on that Wargame idea

June 10, 2009

8 mph Ansible asked:

So some of the basic components that’s being looked out for how this’ll work is: economics, resource management for logistics coupled with wargaming that probably has some sort of morale & fatigue feature in it?

So, here’s some of the half formed ideas in this:

Command Characters

Each player plays 3 characters. One character is a Leader- all kinds of abilities good at the big campaign stuff (Artesia). The second character is a Hero, not so good at leading big groups, but a badass in one’s own right- good for holding the gates alone, taking down that fell Wyvern, doing quick raids (“Oh shit! It’s Lu Bu!”). The third character is a Follower- a lieutenant, advisor, not as good at direct leadership, but even though second best, loaded with supporting abilities (Felix Gaeta).

Yes, your Hero and Follower get assigned to work underneath other players’ Leaders for some interesting roleplaying stuff there.


Resources are Food, Equipment, Treasure. Different units have different upkeep requirements. Some units have special abilities that reduce these costs (“Scouts in Forest, Farmlands, or by Rivers are -1 Food”) etc.

Playing with that, Villages, Towns, Cities, provide these in different numbers. Having Command Characters with special abilities like “Diplomat”, “Logistics”, “Bandit” might adjust numbers.

Morale, etc.

I’m stealing a lesson from Star Wars Saga – just rolling Morale, general condition, fatigue, etc. into one scale for each unit. And leaving “Unit” vaguely defined with the idea that it’s somewhere around between 40-180 men or so, with the average around 100. I want each Command
Character with something between 1-10 Units under their command- something halfway manageable if you have a group of 3-6 players.

The Roleplaying Elements

I actually want it to -matter- if you save this village vs. that village, if you take time to improve one vs. pillaging and burning it down.

I want it to matter where you’re making a tough choice between doing the “strategically smart” thing vs. sending more troops to try to back up your friend in the hopes he can escape safely.

I haven’t quite figured out -exactly- how I’m going to fit that in- part of me wants some worldbuilding elements so the players add details and do the work of making it something they own and care about in the process.

Again, it’s a very vague idea at this point.


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