And Heroquest 2nd edition

June 17, 2009

The HQ2 and the Gloranthan previews actually look really solid and have me interested in it when it comes out.

As someone who jumped on during the Hero Wars days, I found the books then, and during HeroQuest, to be rather poorly written and scattered in content- only later would I realize that these were basically “cliffnotes” with the expectation that the existing fanbase would know what all the references were… I had to dig up older Runequest books to get a more coherent idea of what was going on in the setting, and general internet research to really get a grasp on what a HeroQuest was.

The previews look like that they actually address it in a clear manner! No more “But really there’s a cool game in there but don’t really try to follow the book because it’ll just confuse you more” excuses.

On the flip side, it does look like there’s a lot handholding in regards to “This is how the game works, BUT YOU CAN PLAY IT DIFFERENTLY” which amuses me. I expect the book itself will have tons of these apologetic defenses which are pretty much the response to the decades of the Gloranthan mailing list flamewars.

The part, is the question about how much problematic imagery will crop up. Between the pseudo-NDNs, pseudo-Indians, and pseudo-Chinese, which has always been problematic in even the descriptions, I don’t expect much good in that way either. On the other hand, I know it’ll probably just stay focused on the Sartar (psuedo Viking) and Empire stuff and we’ll never get to the other stuff. Good/bad? Guh. Hard to say.


  1. possible race fail on my part: what’s NDN?

  2. Term for indigenous populations of America. You learn and you learn.

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