Runa: Boto Fallen, Jala Standing

July 5, 2009


Once, Bota was a free land, the center of trade between the Lunar Empire and the Bayan lands to the south. Over 30 years ago it fell with hardly much bloodshed, some say, because it was already flooded with traitors, converted to foreign ways by the missionaries.

Today, Jala has become the center of resistance- both refugees streaming in from the north from Lunar raids as well as a few seeking adventure and a name for themselves by fighting the invaders.

War Comes…

A small group of Bayan missionaries have come from Boto, begging that Jala surrender peacefully. The Imperials have grown tired of the long struggle to take the Bayan lands- they have sent a new general, Maratha, brutal, cruel, and determined to break all resistance.

The Heroes

Young members of Jala, either natives or refugees, who must decide how to best protect and serve the people in the face of oncoming war.

Does it make more sense to try to engage the Lunars in the contested jungles further north? Make alliances with the Siyan Hill Clans? Try to move as many refugees south? Can any compromise be struck with the Lunar missionaries or is it just another Lunar trick?

Keyword: Jala Native
Abilities: Traveler-wise, Refugee-wise, Hates the Lunars, Hardworking, R-ship: Diwata Selene, Family Standing

Jala Resources:
Bayan Cultural Identity, Fierce Warriors & Militia, Local Alliances, Craft & Trades, Freedom for Bayan Lands

Defining your character:
Each character should have some description of how the Lunar Invasion impacted them directly (including family history), some abilities and social position that would put them in a place to do something about it, and some ties to the cultural aspects in particular.

Diwata Selene

The guardian spirit of Jala, small altars are found all around town, and along the roads. Selene appears to be a young woman dressed in colorful clothing, wearing a distinctive traditional headwrap and wielding a curved dagger. Her spirit is called upon to fight tigers and dangerous beasts of the jungle, to find lost children, and, to protect Jala when in danger. Most travelers, traders, and refugees give offerings before any journey and thanks after one.

Other Communities

Boto Resources:
Bayan Cultural Identity, Lunar Cultural Influence, Lunar Garrison, Northern Trade Center, Town Expansion

Siyan Resources:
Fierce Independence, Brutal Infighting, Guerilla Mastery, Rare Herbal Medicine and Poison, Spirit Traditions


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