“Play Discreetly”

July 12, 2009

I’m glad someone has taken the time to document the bullshit of Evony Online. I’ve been seeing the ads on rpg.net for the last few weeks:


Yes Really.

I’m not bothered by the idea of a game with sex in it. I am bothered by the ads showing up on relatively PG sites. I’m also bothered by the continued assumption that only the money of white het males should matter(“My Lord”!)…

I expect the first videogame company to figure out making a game aimed at slash fiction fans, they’d be pulling in the fucking dough.



  1. I love how they’re bragging to people about how effective their false advertising is, after those people join the game.

    “Oh, there’s no queen. We just made that up. But hey, I guess it got you to join, so it’s good marketing.”

  2. Wow… *smh*

    I clicked the link for and saw the pics of how their advertisement… regressed just to get customers.

    Thought pretty much all of those pics look like they were cut n’ paste jobs.


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