Changing Faces

August 6, 2009

The Verb Noire site is looking pretty snazzy. I might talk to them about publishing game related books- less that I need a publisher and more that I want to work with and contribute towards building up a company whose goals are in line with my own.

Liar is getting a non-whitewashed cover. “Totally not because a bunch of writers, readers, editors and customers got upset”. I’m sure they were totally going to come to enlightened understanding of whitewashing covers on their own, they didn’t need us nagging them, right? :/

The APIA Word Summit is getting it’s own blog! It should be interesting to hear from a lot of folks over the next 2 years between Summits what’s going on.

The most recent Independent Insurgency Podcast with Emily Care Boss is pretty neat- I haven’t really picked up on Sign In Stranger- but it sounds like it captures the issues of experience of different cultures and a bit of assimilation in a neat way.

One comment

  1. I played a very early version of Sign In Stranger at Jake’s house, uh, a long time ago (2 years? 3?). I wonder how much has changed since then.

    It definitely felt like total culture clash then.

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