Blood & Ink: Fauns

September 29, 2009


Paradoxical and fickle giants- halfway between Pan’s Labyrinth and Oddsworld Stranger. Physically powerful, yet limited in ways that are likely to create mischief and interesting story twists, without being grimdark about it.


Some trees fall… and never hit the ground.  They fall forward, take their first steps, flip and somersault, dance and sing, shake off the bark and twist and twirl with the hot blood and fur that always possessed their hearts.  They are fauns; free and joyous, forever young.

These massive  corporeal creatures are known for their primal physicality, unquenchable enthusiasm, and vaguely child-like views of the world.  The Faun love any kind of physical challenge- and nearly cannot resist any challenges set their way.  They also tend to be mesmerized with the songs of children.

For this reason, Faun are  often easily waylaid and sidetracked- you’re guaranteed they’ll accomplish the task, sooner or later, just not necessarily right away.  The Earth Blood trait allows them to regenerate, which means while a task might take time, they can stay at it despite injuries, which helps a lot.

Faun very often request massive feasts and drink, though they have been known to take flesh to trade with other spirits or even human souls in exchange for their services (Sometimes faun are born of trees, sometimes they use souls to help that process along…).


Wi 3 Pe 4, Ag 4 Sp 6 Po 7 Fo 7 Hea 7 Ref 4 MW 13 Ste 5 Hes 7 Res 2 Cir 1

(Both Circles and Resources are the Faun’s connections within nature and natural spirits)

Su 4 Li 8 Mi 10 Se 11 Tr 12 MW 13

Semi-bipedal (x1, x3, x5), Massive, Horned, Hooved, Shaggy, Brute, Earth Blood, Kind to Children, Lullabyed, Stone’s Strength, Reminded of Roots

Conspicuous 5, Drinking 5, Dancing 5, Singing 5, Brawling 5, Throwing 4, Woods-wise 4, Folklore 4

Hooves I4 M8 S12 VA +1 Slow
Horns (headbutt on inside) I5  M9 S13
Stone Hunting Discs (think stone chakrams or discus, sized for Massive creatures)
(1-2) I6  (3-4) M12 (5-6) SG2 (damage modified by Stone’s Strength, below)
VA 3  Actions- Grab from belt & Acquire: 6<

Life is fun! Eat good, drink good, sing and dance!
Keeping your word is important!
Cruel people shouldn’t be forgiven!

Always accept a challenge to a physical contest and always keep your word if you lose.
Never be both quiet and still
Always protect children

New Traits

Stone’s Strength (6 points)

A creature of root and earth, the Faun is considered +2D Power when lifting, pushing, pulling, or throwing anything made of stone.

Lullabyed (2 points)

Faun must make Steel tests whenever they hear the sound of mortal children singing. Failure means they stand and drool in wonderment. They may even start trying to sing along after they stop hesitating…

Reminded of Roots (5 points)

While in a wooded area, if a Faun stands still or lays down, they look almost like a dead tree or a log, requiring an Ob 4 Perception test to spot. This is a magical effect and doesn’t work at all outside of wooded areas, and magical traits or spells will show the Faun for what it is right away.


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