Airbenders and more

November 2, 2009

The Avatar series bible has been leaked.

The question that hella folks been asking since the series ended, is, “What happens now with the airbenders? Will there be no more?”

The series bible points out three really interesting things. First, benders can be born to normal people. Second, that not everyone lived at the Air Temples- so the air nation wasn’t just monks. Third, that they were generally nomadic.

Just because someone hasn’t seen a Sky Bison in 100 years doesn’t mean the nomads all got killed- there’s pretty good odds a bunch of folks would have fled or simply not been present for the Fire Nation attacks and taken to going in hiding.

Which means you could easily have secret pockets of Airbenders, or, perhaps a lot of people who have the ability but none of the training, and are just waiting to learn their hidden talent.

Interesting stuff!



  1. Cool! I was thinking of something like this for hypothetical Avatar Season 4 game, probably playing only with secondary characters as the PCs. I figured they’d go looking for lost members of the Air Nomads, who’d long since been integrated into communities into other nations, but still had some latent abilities or were quietly keeping their traditions. (Some of this was JayWalt’s idea.)

    • Yeah, there’s lots of room for storytelling, both in the past, as well as in the future.

      I imagine there’s going to be a couple of Fire Nation groups that try to break off/form rebellions because they still think their glory can happen, and/or the possibly violent backlash against the Fire Nation by other countries/people. Or what happens with the S. Water Tribe now getting immigrants and connections back from the N. Tribe. Or the whole hot mess of the Earth Kingdom and the fact it’s been a totalitarian state within Ba Sing Se. Fun!

      • The series was good at touching on real issues without being heavy-handed.

        …Yeah, we probably should do an Avatar spinoff game for G_o_C. Kinda no reason not to.

        • (I mean, by “we” I mean hopefully me, and of course a good reason is that I’m working all day, but it’s an idea I’m going to keep on the backburner.)

        • The question, then, becomes “what system?” 😛 There’s always PTA, though I’ve been thinking Covenant would be good for either Avatar or Naruto.

  2. Geektasm tag indeed.

    I would enjoy reading through whatever in depth cultural notes they can offer, both in-universe and referenced. Especially things such as clothing styles and Fire Nation tech. Hopefully they’ll also add in some pre-Season 1 and post Season 3 goodies as well.

    Love how/if this shapes up to being an anti-ignorance tablet in and of itself in the racebending discussion too.

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