Quicksheets against Murk

November 25, 2009

Over a year ago, Ron coined the term “Murk” to describe the tendency in rpgs to leave the larger structure issues of play completely absent. (“Who can input into the fiction? How? How do you make a scene? Where does conflict come from?, etc.”)

Some stuff in recent play and questions that have come up made me realize that this is an issue, especially if you’re teaching a game… and, probably where we see a lot of CA clashes, because it’s just not clear.

I made setting quicksheets, system quicksheets, but I didn’t make a structure quicksheet. Of course, part of it is that I’ve internalized a lot of features of play as “standard” even though there’s no such thing as “standard” roleplaying across games.

I’m going to need to think up some standard questions, and see about doing a structure one-sheet. Maybe it’s something we need for a LOT of games…

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